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    In an highly competitive environment, technology can give an edge over the competition. The technology can enhance speed of operations, bring in synergies within processes, brings you more closer to customers, reduces inventory costs by integrating suppliers with the organization. While most companies recognize that the technology has a big impact on their industry and it is creating new opportunities, many have only developed short-term initiatives.

    Key Areas

    • Assessment Services
    • Improvement Services
    • Training Services
    • Implementation Service

    IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has rapidly become the de facto best practice standard in service management and the lens through which the value of services is viewed and measured. While adoption rates vary, there's no doubt that many IT organizations are turning to ITIL in an attempt to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of the services they provide to the business.

    Based on IT Infrastructure Library, ISO 20000, COBIT and other internationally accepted best practices and standards, Axis Jobs IT Services Management Services are purpose-built to help you stay on track and meet your business goals. Working closely with your IT and business organizations, we help you identify where to focus your service improvement efforts and how to implement changes that reduce risk, boost service quality, and enhance your day-to-day operations.

    Axis Jobs IT Service Management Services include:

    Assessment Services

    Axis Jobs offers multilevel assessments to help identify service management gaps and create workable action plans. Addressing anything & everything from business/IT alignment and operational process effectiveness to management of your mission-critical infrastructure, HP Services professionals work with you to identify areas where you can dramatically reduce operations costs and improve service delivery and quality.

    Improvement Services

    Axis Jobs ITSM team can help you tune in your service management practices and chart your course toward operational excellence. We evaluate your capabilities and risks, define a focused approach to service improvement, provide implementation assistance, and help you track your progress. Axis Jobs ITSM Consultants deliver a structured service management assessment and a customized service improvement plan focused on the management areas that matter most for the services you're delivering.

    Implementation services

    Axis Jobs offers multi level ITSM implementation services to transform your IT organization into a trusted provider of IT services. We ensure organizations to implement quality ITSM processes to help transform your IT organization into a strategic, business-aligned service provider while helping you get the most value out of your IT investments. With a standard approach to ITSM, Axis Jobs solutions help IT organizations plan, develop, deliver and maintain quality IT services. The resulting service offerings are customer focused and process-driven. They are also engineered to meet cost targets and maximize performance according to relevant service level agreements (SLAs).

    Training Services

    Based on extensive experience in delivering successful ITSM solutions, Axis Jobs offers a range of service management education and training options. We offer personalized education plan based on their current service management acquaintance, roles, and responsibilities. We offer onsite & offsite delivery model.


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