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    Network Solutions

    Get the data storage you need and pay as you go. Avoid unnecessary capital expenditures, mitigate technology risk, and scale capacity up or down to your requirements with Axis Jobs - Storage solutions.

    Key Areas

    • Network Solutions
    • Structured Cabling
    • LAN Switching
    • Network Management
    • Wireless Network
    • Inter-Networking

    We at Axis Jobs deliver this process of transformation with the help of our enriched understanding of Networks, and the complete insight into our customers' Business Practices. We deploy this solution with the help of different NMS based solutions and enable them predict their growing Network Needs along with the management of the network.

    INTER NETWORK SOLUTIONS --> We enable our customers with worldwide connectivity solutions to enhance their business practices with WAN implementation. Axis Jobs carries a complete portfolio of WAN solutions and technologies to integrate data and voice applications for our customers, hence bridging geographical gaps.

    WIRELES SOLUTIONS --> The ability to respond quickly gives you an edge on the competition. Let Axis Jobs simplify mobilizing your workforce tailored for the size of your business or your level of IT infrastructure support with hardware with built-in mobile and wireless capabilities along with best-in-class mobile solutions. To protect against any potential security issues, 802.11 wireless communications have a function called WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), a form of encryption which provides privacy comparable to that of a traditional wired network. If the wireless network has information that should be secure then WEP should be used, ensuring the data is protected at traditional wired network levels.

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