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    An exponential growth of online media users is challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities.


    Axis Jobs ’ Media and Information Services help you understand the impact of disruptive technologies and profit from the boom in digital consumption.

    Client Challenges

    Media and information services firms need to capitalize on the evolving product distribution channels while maintaining the current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Some of the major challenges faced by the industry include the following:

  • Erosion of revenue from the traditional outlets
  • Need to leverage new distribution channels
  • Shorter windows (time-to-market is compromised)
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Delivery of content, information, advertising and services anytime, anywhere—for less
  • Disparate and non-integrated IT systems landscape

    We understand these challenges and provides solutions that not only improve business efficiencies but also aid business transformation.

    What Axis Jobs Provides

    Axis Jobs provides end-to-end content value chain solutions and services for the media and information services industry. From content creation and management to publishing and distribution, we have the capabilities to build, deploy and support the appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

    Our domain-based offerings comprise solutions, platforms and consulting services, including the following:

    Advertising and New Media

  • Advertising platforms, self-service advertising, online and mobile advertising
  • Multi-channel distribution (B2B)
  • Trafficking and ad sales
  • Media planning and buying

    Broadcasting and Cable

  • Broadcast management systems and syndication systems
  • Business consulting and media advisory services
  • Rights and contract management systems
  • Enterprise content management systems and editorial collaboration platform

  • Entertainment (Film, music and gaming)
  • Theatrical distribution analytics, customer and product insights, and category management
  • Enterprise systems and business intelligence
  • Participation and residuals
  • Content monetization solutions and services
  • Publishing

    • Content creation, XML content transformation, content authoring and editorial systems
    • Custom book publishing, and learning and knowledge management systems
    • Subscription management, e-commerce, distribution and analytics solutions
    • Assessment creation, delivery, administration, scoring and reporting solutions


    Information Services

  • Integrated workflow management and editorial systems
  • Content acquisition, ingestion and authoring solutions
  • Content digitization, standardization, centralization and management solutions
  • Information analytics, reporting and circulation systems
  • BPO and KPO services for content collection, quality-control and finalization

    We provide horizontal solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Digital Enterprise Solutions
  • Digital Transformation and Media Roadmap
  • Digital Media Asset Management
  • Digital Publishing Platform
  • Digital Consulting
  • Mobility Solutions and Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Connected Marketing Solutions
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • IT Services
  • BPO Solutions

    Business Value

    With our strong domain experience, focus on R&D Innovation and our capability to provide end-to-end service for the media and information services industry, we are best positioned to understand the imperatives of changes and hence, can be a strategic long term IT partner for the industry and realize an enhanced Return on Content.

    Working with Axis Jobs as your business partner gives you access to our BPO and HRO services as well as our Enterprise Solution consultancy, enabling you to derive impressive benefits, including the following:

    De-risked ERP investments with the certainty of delivery
    Optimized digital media processes and identification of areas for investment in digital media efficiencies through next-generation software development best practices to invest once and use multiple times
    Consolidation of disparate systems that are getting in the way of efficient business practice
    Capability to implement change quickly and seamlessly resulting in efficient processes and flexible IT capabilities

    We will deliver back-office efficiency, release the latent value from your existing investments and optimize core processes to yield long-term cost savings.

    Partner with us, and take control of your digitization and ensure that your own people focus on the areas of strategic value.


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