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    Healthcare Payers

    Axis Jobs helps health plans drive better health outcomes. By combining our expertise in digital with customer experience technologies and the use of data and analytics, we help payers deliver a seamless experience that meets rising consumer expectations.

    In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, Axis Jobs enables health plans to realize the flexibility and agility needed to support emerging business and growth models. Through our expertise in digital and customer experience technologies, we help health plans drive better health outcomes. We harness the power of data and analytics to help you offer your customers a seamless experience.

    The Axis Jobs Advantage

    As a result of changing health industry priorities and pressures, payers need to be open to fundamentally challenging the way things are currently done. They need to adopt alternate models for delivering capabilities faster, at lower cost and higher quality.

    Axis Jobs is committed to delivering innovative information-based healthcare solutions that make a lasting difference to people's lives. Our range of solutions help organizations make the most of post-reform market opportunities. And our experienced team collaborates with clients to create customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

    What Axis Jobs Provides

    Axis Jobs offers healthcare companies a comprehensive spectrum of consulting, IT and business process services to enable Simplification, Transformation, Digital Reimagination, and Risk and Governance.


    • Enrollment, Billing, Claims, and Pharmacy systems
    • Electronic Health Records implementation
    • Program Management
    • Self Service Applications and Portals
    • Health Exchange Integration
    • Application Development and Maintenance
    • Lab Information Management System



    • New Care Models – ACO
    • Population Health Management
    • Collaborative Care Management
    • Payment Innovation
    • Retail Healthcare


    • Digital Reimagination
    • Preventive Healthcare
    • Data and Analysis
    • Cloud Implementations
    • Mobility
    • ACO and Analytics
    • Output forms and management

    Risk and Governance

    • Dual Eligibles
    • ICD-10
    • Health Exchanges
    • Healthcare Reform Programs


    Business Value

    • Axis Jobs ’ comprehensive health plan offerings and commitment to quality and delivery excellence have resulted in the fastest growing healthcare practice in the industry. Some of the distinct advantages we bring to the table include:


    • Streamline IT operations and minimize complexity by moving to modern, scalable, and flexible technology architecture and IT infrastructure.
    • Increase agility and operational excellence through modernization
    • Strengthen security with multi-layer data security strategies that include data masking, encryption and tokenization


    • Reduce costs through business process improvements to reduce preventable admissions, emergency room visits, and fight healthcare fraud and abuse
    • Drive customer service excellence by leveraging digital innovations to accelerate retail customer strategies
    • Improve collaboration and patient outcomes with Connected Wellness solutions that enable new care delivery models.


    • Accelerate your digital business with new technology strategies that fuel business growth
    • Turn data into business insights through actionable analytics.
    • Enable integration across multiple systems and interface with 'health information exchanges'
    • Leverage analytical solutions supporting Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to conduct what-if analysis and model it around reducing readmission rates.



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